Aceros Security Installations

Coloured Shutters

Shutters can be powder-coated to any colour of your choice. The lathe curtain is also available in plastisol finish from CORUs (British Steel) which provides a harder wearing finish.

Aceros Security Installations

Perforated Curtain

Perforations in the steel curtain provide a net curtain effect which with backlighting allows good inward visibility. Perforations are available in two variations; round or cats eye.

Aceros Security Installations

Galvanised Steel Finish

This is the cheapest in our range offering a strong basic shutter.

Aceros Security Installations

Punched / Brick bond

Like the perforated shutters the brick bond shutters allow out-of hours window shopping. In addition the risk of graffiti reduced due to the less surface area and are visually less intrusive

Roller Shutters

At Aceros Security Installations we manufacture and install roller shutters for businesses and also our clients’ homes. All of our shutters are galvanised steel that provides a long lasting protection for your property or business.

We can cater to shutters of any size and provide a bespoke service regarding openings, colours and also safety equipment also.

Usually our customers prefer to have their shutters powder-coated we can offer any RAL colour to match a logo or property colour.

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